Martin Luther King began his famous speech with "I have a dream..."

When you started your business you had a dream. Yes?

What happened to that dream?...that dream which was once the "reason" for you starting your business?


Carl Kilvington is a "Trusted Advisor, Coach and Mentor to Business Owners and Managers"




Hello and welcome 🙂

THANK YOU for taking the time to seek me out here at my web-home, and to the person who was kind enough to refer you here. Arriving here today is no coincidence. I believe that things happen for a reason, and they happen when they are supposed to happen. A particular person or situation will show up in our life, just at the time when we're ready.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" ~ Buddha

However, it's in our moments of decision that we show courage despite our fears, and grasp the opportunity it presents or turn away and let it pass us by. How will YOU decide? Continued below...

WHY would you need an Advisor, Coach or Mentor?

"We don't know what we don't know, but when we know better, we do better"

The value of having an advisor, a coach or a mentor is to help guide you in a similar manner that a sherpa would do if you were climbing a mountain.

One wrong move or a lack of anticipation for a hidden danger could lead you to a nasty if not fateful fall. On the other hand, being made aware of those dangers before they actually happen, can not only keep you from harm but also highlight opportunities before your competitors find them.

Wouldn't it be easier, quicker and more enjoyable if you had insider knowledge to get you to the top of the mountain before your competitors?

An advisor, coach or mentor will make you aware of things that you don't know exist. And when you're aware of them, you can grow your business easier, quicker and with more enjoyment.


"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"
~ Albert Einstein

The best investment for your business

"Investing in yourself is the best investment of all" ~ Warren Buffett

Going back as far as I can remember, I've always had a fascination to understand what makes a particular person or business extraordinarily profitable and successful whilst the majority of others struggle or fail.

For many years now, I've studied the mindset, methodology and actions (and still do) of the brains behind our most successful companies, like Apple (Steve Jobs), Amazon (Jeff Bezos), Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett), Virgin Group (Sir Richard Branson) among many others.

This led me early on to discover that your THINKING is directly linked to your success or failure (and that of your business!)

You're THINKING has got you to where you currently are now because it's that which determines your know-how, your feelings, your decisionsactions and in-actions which gives you your RESULTS (or not!). In order to become more successful (I assume that's why you're here reading this), you will need to take some simple but important steps to improve your current thinking and know-how, then you'll be able to make better decisions and take better actions to get BETTER RESULTS. Sound logical? I hope so.

Figuring out WHY some leaders grow companies while others kill companies and WHY some employees perform extraordinarily well while others don't perform at all, is truly a game changer.

Business (and life) success and wealth begins with 4 KEY ATTRIBUTES: Your Thinking, Attitude, Language and Behaviour.


"The secret of business is knowing something that nobody else knows" ~ Aristotle Onasis


I've been able to help owners and managers leverage proven psychological insights to develop into successful business leaders, to create extraordinarily productive employees and increase honest profit.

With renewed momentum and marketing know-how, they've gone on to attract far more loyal and profitable customers into their businesses whilst their competitors continue to struggle and fail.

They've been able to experience the things which they intended when they first set out in business and which had not previously been possible, and had for many been forgotten; Things like taking time away from the business to spend with family and loved ones, to go on holiday, all in the safe knowledge that their employees would take good care of their business whilst they were away.

I can also help you do the same if that's something you want to do and are keen enough to decide to do it?

thinking-decisions-resultsThe image opposite is the simplest way to understand the path to better results and a much higher level of success and profitability.




Your job is to master these 4 Essential Skills...

  1. Sales & Marketing - The No1 skill to master. (No sales, No business)
  2. Leadership - Your people are your greatest asset. Direct them well
  3. Recruitment - Surround yourself with people more skilled than you
  4. Productivity - Know-how, systems and processes win the day

My Gift to You

Unstuck, Motivated and making Positive Progress again...

Studies into human behaviour has proved that we all seek CERTAINTY and the need to experience PROGRESS in whatever we are working on. When we become stuck, overwhelmed and uncertain, anxiety and fear sets in and we experience worry, stress and more problems!

So... I offer you 20 minutes of my time for a FREE Coaching Call where you can ask me any question about the Biggest Problem that you have right now.

"Two heads are better than one"

Whatever is holding you and your business back from achieving your goals and ambitions, together we'll get you unstuck and progressing forward again.

When you know the next step to take, you'll begin to crush those feelings of anxiety, worry and stress and replace them with feelings of hope, motivation and excitement...for a more certain future. You'll be able to look forward to a more enjoyable business with higher levels of profitability.

If this sounds like something of interest to you...

Email me at with the subject line "I'd like a 20 minute coaching call please" and include your:

- Name
- Email address
- Best telephone number
- A brief description of your biggest problem or greatest desire (in no more than 140 characters) and I will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for our call.


My Core Values

Be authentic
Be transparent
Be relational rather than transactional
Share knowledge and know-how
Never stop learning and challenging myself
Help whenever I can

                   Have you ever thought what YOUR values are?


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Here are some of my favourite quotes

                            I hope they serve to inspire you...

In order to succeed, your desire for success must be greater than the fear of failure

Bill Cosby, Comedian, actor & author

When you are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves

Viktor Frankl, Neurologist and Holocaust survivor

If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn't need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around

Jim Rohn, Entrepreneur

Investing in yourself is the best investment of all

Warren Buffett, Ranked 3rd in world rich list

Here's some RESOURCES to help you...

We are NOT all equal

I'd like to recognise the fact that we are NOT all equal. Our backgrounds, circumstances, abilities, opportunities and financial means can be wildly different. However, everyone DESERVES the chance to progress and improve their current situation, to realise their dream. That includes YOU...     IF you want it badly enough.

"What you DON'T already know needs your most urgent attention much more than what you do already know"

The best advice I can give you is that you COMMIT yourself to continually LEARN "what you don't already know" because this presents both opportunities AND problems.

You need to be able to ANTICIPATE what is ahead because if you don't identify the opportunity, I guarantee that the problem will creep up on you and bite you in the bum when you least expect it! (and take you down at worst)

Don't let your current circumstances hold you back. Begin TODAY.

Here, you'll find some FREE resources (if you're bootstrapping) and some PAID resources (if you want to grow faster) so please make use of them and regain your momentum to move forward faster to greater success, profitability and enjoyment in your business.

You Decide

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